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The Herd Calls

The winds whisper across the plains of Mulgore. They carry a gentle song in their wake. As you walk, the sound of bells and a soft rumble rises to mingle with the song...

Something comes...

You look to the horizon and see a mass begin to take shape. A large gathering moves towards you at a great pace. Some are mounted on the backs of great Kodos, while others run. Children leap around the Kodos waving brightly colored pennants bearing a soaring bird.

As they approach, the group slows and finally comes to a stop before you. A pale female clad in blue slips away from the gathering and walks to you, bells on her bird shaped staff jingling. Her headdress, the skull of a great bird, is adorned with feathers, and glass beads and bells are woven into her mane. She smiles gently at you and extends her hand.

"So Wanderer... You have heard our song, yes? Tell me, are you ready to come home?"

Who are we: We are a medium/casual RP guild built for the purpose of bringing Roleplayers together for events.

What we do:
We give players the chance to learn and develop a character in a drama-free environment. We also make great efforts to involve other tribes and roleplayers in the growth of our members stories and plot-lines.

What we are looking for: We want any character willing to put effort in developing a storyline. Minimum level requirement of 15. Players are asked to log in and participate in events and RP at least once a month. There is no leveling requirement, but keep in mind that roleplayers will respond differently to a level 20 sage then they will to a level 85 sage.
Azriell / Dec 28, 2013
Hey everyone!

This new year will kick off some big events for not only the Windsong, but for the Thundering Herd RP Project. The Windsong will be starting our migration path, we'll be setting up our monthly market, and performing in various locations throughout the regions we travel. If you have an idea for a play, song, or story, be sure to get it ready by the middle of January! This month, our first migration route will take us through Desolace!

Have fun and I hope to see you all online soon!

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